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data storytelling

The Power Of Data Storytelling

With the advent of the data economy, that organisation which can harness data and use it effectively, will flourish the most.  Hence only data storytelling can help here and that will be the power of data storytelling.  Biggest failure...

Business Storytelling Coach and Consultant

Who is a professional storyteller?

Let us understand who is a professional storyteller in the first place. Professional storytellers in the purist form are the below examples: E.g. - Authors: Writers who create novels, short stories, non-fiction books, and other written works are professional...

business storytelling workshops

What is Learning and Development (L&D)?

Learning and Development (L&D) is a systematic process of upgrading the skills, competencies and knowledge of the workforce of an organisation.  The responsibility of Learning and Development (L&D) belongs to the HR management team. Why L&D is crucial for...

business communication

What is effective business communication?

Effective business communication is all about successful transmission of information, ideas, and messages within a business environment by the employees and management. It is done in a manner that achieves the organisational specific goals or objectives.  It involves the...

Corporate Storytelling Workshop 

Corporate communication workshop: important but neglected business aspects The world of Corporate is based on strategies and output. They have different resources working at various levels and skillsets, with a common goal revolving around client satisfaction and growth...

Keynote Speaker on Mental Health

What is meant by Mental Health in workplace? Mental health in the workplace refers to employees’ psychological, emotional, and social well-being within a shared work environment. Employees with sound mental health have respect for themselves and others, build positive...