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Power of Brand Storytelling in Nescafe TV Commercials


Power of Brand Storytelling in Nescafe TV Commercials

Here is a lesson in branding storytelling by Nescafe.

This is an old TV commercial (TVC) of the mid 2010s which is 2 minutes long, but hits bullseye with humour, brand storytelling and brand positioning.

Nescafe ad

Ad talks about the story of a stammering guy who aspires to be a standup comedian. It shows the struggles and ridicule he faces because of his stammering. Until the Eureka moment, where he starts using his weakness as the strength itself. In his stand up gigs, he starts making fun of his stammering itself and hits bull’s eye.

 In these 2 minutes of the ad, one develops empathy for this guy and roots for him. You want him to succeed and relish his success in the end.

And what better way to tell this story than using humor brilliantly in it !

Humour is always the toughest out of all emotions

Let’s list down what all does the TVC personify:

  • Resilience
  • Hard Work
  • Never giving up

And who is your partner in this journey of resilience, hard work and never giving up in the TVC?

Answer – This cup of coffee- Nescafe!

Now this is the perfect marriage of the brand and storytelling!


Continuing with brand stories of Nescafe, here is a TVC of Nescafe Gold

This Nescafe Gold ad is gold in brand storytelling indeed. It showcases the importance of staying in touch with your inner circle

In this Ad, a man is metaphorically searching among all the people whom he ever came in touch with in his entire life. He starts asking questions to them, which are highly intimate and personal. E.g. – who all know his pet name, who all seen him cry, who are still in touch with him, etc.
Those who don’t know the answer should sit down, while the others shall continue to stand. After the end of all questions, every single person is now sitting.
Then it raises the tension and the awkward moment, that there is no one left.

That’s when he finally invites, who wants now to start with a fresh beginning, over a cup of coffee. And people start to join him over a cup of coffee with a smile.

Beautiful storytelling showcasing how we unknowingly miss out to stay in touch, with whom we really love and care. However, it is never too late to get it all back with a fresh start. And what better to get back, than meeting up over a cup of Nescafe Gold.

Let’s list down what all does the TVC personify:

  • Lost relationships
  • Loneliness
  • Understanding who is our real inner circle
  • It is never too late to rekindle

And who is your partner in this attempt to rekindle your relationships in this Ad?

Answer – This cup of coffee- Nescafe!

Again brand storytelling at its peak.

This is a tribute to 2 of the best Nescafe TV commercials.

Brand storytelling is extremely tough, as storytelling is a very delicate art that can make or break the brand.

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