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Corporate Storytelling for HR

Corporate Storytelling for HR

Attracting, on-boarding and retaining the right talent, simplified!

Contrary to popular belief, the role of an HR department is not just to organize team-building activities. Effective human resources (HR), with well-defined functions and management, can help provide organizational structure and the ability to meet business needs by managing the organization’s most valuable asset – the employees. 

The HR’s job is one of the most important contributors to an organization’s success but often at times they are undervalued. 

The following challenges denote the speed-bumps they face every day and yet are underappreciated-

  1. Rising attrition rates
  2. Lack of engaging employee orientation programs to instill safety, pride, and enthusiasm 
  3. Top-down lack of empathy 
  4. Disconnect between the management and teams 
  5. Candidate drop-offs after recruitment/onboarding
  6. Lack of alignment with the organizational north star/vision/ mission 

ROI with storytelling for HR 

Rising attrition rates and lack of engaging employee orientation programs Often employees quit mentally 3-6 months before resigning, the trick is to recognize withdrawal symptoms and address those early. Storytelling help leaders strengthen employee connections or retain them by invoking feelings and action based on safety, pride, and enthusiasm. Ditch your regular 32-slide presentations and leverage ‘people stories’ to grab employee attention. Whether conducted in private or in a public meeting, storytelling can change employee attitude.
Top-down lack of empathy and disconnect between the management and teams People don’t leave companies, they leave people.Empathy-based HR storytelling can help leaders lead with empathy, offer recognition and appreciation for teams and develop a human bond. 
Candidate drop-offs after recruitment/onboarding and lack of alignment with the north starMoney can’t buy happiness nor the right talent. Attract the best candidates for your organizational needs with storytelling for human resources. Change your company narrative and inspiring examples to lure the talent of your choice. 
 Engaging employee orientation programs to instil skillsets, knowledge and enthusiasm. Translate abstract or complex information into something more meaningful and understandableMaking the content more knowledgeable and stimulatingEnhancing the productivity of the organization
 Training and developmentHelp the organisation to keep pace with innovations in technology and upgrade the employees. Better understanding  and clarity on skillsets requiredHelps the organization to retain top talent and increase job satisfaction
Employee Welfare Projects how the organization care for their employees Assists in understanding the balance between work and healthSecured feeling and awareness on Insurance and future financial planning. 

The desire to create stories is not new, but it often feels like a challenge. To kick-start this process, there are several moments or milestones you can turn to. Leveraging them to create, narrate, and recall stories feel more like a conversation and less challenging. Successful HR stories communicate intent, imbibe it and help recollect it at the right moment. Here are some other benefits of storytelling for human resources-

  • Develop an employee connect
  • Generate brand recall 
  • Attract new talent 
  • Resolve people challenges
  • Drive an engine of change

E.g.1.: Smita was thinking of leaving the present organization for career growth and better prospects. After attending the HR storytelling session her mind-set changed as she could visualize her growth in the present organization with enhance skillsets through HR Learning and Development workshops.Browse our partner-sponsored Glasses, with a variety of options to suit every taste and budget, available to buy online

E.g.2.: Team Leader Rahul got clarity on productivity and goal of the organisation through employee orientation program by HR. This motivated him to enhance and bring out the best output from his team. It also developed his qualities of leadership.

 Are you ready to create a robust story bank to humanize business functions and processes in your organization?

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