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Storytelling for Change Management: Implementing HR Strategies in Pune’s Evolving Work Environment

Storytelling for Change Management

Storytelling for Change Management: Implementing HR Strategies in Pune’s Evolving Work Environment

Understanding Change Management

Let’s assume there is an IT company in Pune named Baxbo. Baxbo is a 7-year-old company with 500 employees. It has a decent work culture and healthy attrition rate.

However, let’s assume there is now a bigger company (let’s name it Haxembur), which is a 50-year-old company with 10,000 employees.  Within a deal between both the top management, Haxembur is now taking over the small sized Baxbo.

This is a big type of change management for Baxbo and its 500 employees as now the culture will change, so might be the technologies used, work policies and even organisational structure. 

Role of the HR in change management 

HR is the flag bearer of the culture for any organisation and the bridge between the employees and the management. 

Here in Baxbo, every HR person is facing the biggest challenge of their career. There is now huge anxiety and fear among each of the 500 Baxbo employees, as they fear change of role, responsibilities change, change of work location and loss of colleagues & friends. Worst – they all fear the loss of their job.If you are in the market for superclone Replica Rolex , Super Clone Rolex is the place to go! The largest collection of fake Rolex watches online!

Team HR Baxbo needs to make the transition of Baxbo into Hazembur happen smoothly

Importance of Storytelling for HR

Storytelling for the HR team in Pune of Baxbo is all about proper communication. They need to ensure passing the message completely happens without any gap to every single employee. 

Storytelling is not just about telling motivational stories to the Baxbo employees at this time of anxiety. It is all about WHAT you say and more importantly, HOW you say.

Here are few things they should be doing:

Step 1 – Have a town hall meeting

Messaging and presentation by the top management boss is almost make and break here. As it is an IT company, all employees have gathered over a zoom call. 

Step 2 – Perfect explanation of the merger and its effects 

Ideally the top boss’s talk should cover the topics like why they decided to go for this merger. Show the company and employee growth that can happen post this merger. Brief on the various formal transitions that all as a team have to undergo like training for the new technology to be used, new headquarters, new possible job location opportunities, etc. Lastly, has to openly and honestly also tell about the down side of this merger as well. Never hide any secrets with their loyal employees. 

The flow of this talk needs to be like a good story structure. 

Step 3 – Take an online survey, feedback and QnA and addressing all concerns 

In coming days, continuously take feedback via online surveys or F2F interviews on the various concerns of each employee. 

Operationally, it is going to be very tough for the HR and even communication wise as well. HR needs to be composed himself. This is where the prowess of storytelling of the HR comes into the picture.

Step 4 – Training the mid-level managers 

As the HR can’t reach the grassroot level, the company has to train the trainer i.e. train the mid-level managers. These will train the grassroot level employees on the various new tools to be used, new policies, new working operational activities, etc in detail and at personal level

Step 5 – Continuous training to all employees

This training can’t be a one-off activity. It has to be done on continuous basis for coming months, till the smooth mental transition happens into the new company culture

Step 6 – Keep a strong feedback loop and addressing concerns

Having one sided communication is detrimental in change management. Always an open door feedback mechanism for all employees and work upon those feedbacks. Else if you don’t address that feedback, employees will never be encouraged to give feedback. 

Why every HR in any organisation needs business storytelling training? 

Business storytelling for HR helps the HR to communicate the most critical news in a lucid and comforting way. The other benefits include art of communication, engaging any person in an interesting manner, maintaining good relationships, etc 

We provide workshops of Business Storytelling for the HR team in Pune and many cities in India.

Feel free to reach out to us on any queries 

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