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Crack any interview with a basic understanding of the interview storytelling

Crack any interview with a basic understanding of the interview storytelling

“Tell me about yourselves.”

The majority of the interviews begin with this question, as many of you are aware. As a result, aspirants search for an online relatable answer to effectively begin an interview before the interview. You’ll find various ways to respond on YouTube, Google, or personal blogs. However, are you aware of the key interview storytelling techniques for introducing yourself and completing the corresponding interview?

What is an Interview?

Examining a person’s knowledge, comprehension, and capability for upcoming tasks is done during the interview process. The examiner/interviewer asks such a question, fulfilling process or business requirements. Essentially, you are all tested for the criteria set by the company.

Assumedly facing the panel and HR questions is the most difficult part. The lack of confidence in your answer becomes the final reason for rejection in this case. Even with extensive subject knowledge, rigorous preparation, and many motivational videos, some people still need to pass the interview stage. The best way to land an interview is to tell your story interestingly. 

What if we say the interviewer is seated to listen to your story?

Pay attention to each question that is asked during the interview. You will realize that these questions are about getting to know the candidates. A new candidate is like an untold story for the panel or HR. They are always interested in your stories, life stories, experiences, and accomplishments. However, curious eyes make candidates more nervous, and as a result, candidates frequently forget all of their prepared answers.

The most asked questions in an interview to understand your storytelling skills.

  1. Tell us more about yourselves
  2. Tell us about your achievements. 
  3. What are the challenges you have faced during accomplishing your targets?
  4. What is your life goal?
  5. Tell us that not mentioned in your CV/Resume
  6. What if(Any situational question related to job description or position)

All of this helps to understand the candidate’s credentials, individual personality, and potential aspects. These questions reflect the candidates’ exact dynamic personalities as well.

The importance of storytelling in the interview?

  • Effective storytelling skills make an authentic impression and help you in your carrier.
  • The skill of storytelling can improve your capacity to communicate significant details and assist an interviewer in picturing how your experiences might be used in a different situation.
  • Gives you the chance to identify trends or themes that may relate to your identity or your set of abilities
  • Supports a more thorough understanding of your career path in a fun and approachable way.

Things to remember for effective interview storytelling:

  • Understand the ‘Why’:

After every question, take a small pause and understand the intention behind the asked question. Also, try to figure out which life story the valuer is interested in. That will help to prepare a narrative for your story. When you understand the why, you can roam around your preparation confidently.We recommend buying your favorite toothbrush at super low prices with free shipping, and you can also pick up your order at the store on the same day. 

  • The Card Game:

You are the only one in the room who knows yourselves in a better way. Only present the effect-driven and impactful part of the story. To play this game, understand the interview requirement first and then play your cards accordingly.

  • Keep Short and Precise:

Preparation is important. Be prepared with the important and correct information to feel like you are a problem solver. Highlight the main conflict of your story and serve them properly in an interview.

  • Experience Base Story:

The experiences and their learning outcome make perfect story arcs. Include the conclusion and problem-solving stories you made with your past work experience during the interview. This can reflect your ability to observe, comprehend, and manage situations.

Let’s understand the whole scenario from Rahul’s perspective. Rahul prepare himself for an interview with a reputed company. He follows all above mentioned tricks. He also gets ready for an interview question. But HR asked a googly question. 

HR – “What is your strength?” 

Here, Rahul has two options. He can simply answer, “I am a hardworking guy” as all say the same. This is the typical answer that every candidate put forward. In another way, he can share one of his past job experiences through which his strength showcased well. The extended answer with a story can play an important role for Rahul and that becomes easy for HR to understand his qualities in a more simplified way. 


Every individual expects a better storytelling experience always. While appearing for the interview, always keep in mind that you are going to tell your story. To make a remarkable impression and crack any interview, create an interesting story of your journey. Contact to be a master in Interview storytelling.

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