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How to Increase sales through your effective storytelling skills?

How to Increase sales through your effective storytelling skills?

Messages delivered as stories can be up to 22 times more memorable than just the facts.

Many people think that storytelling is an emerging form in the contemporary world. But the fact is that storytelling is an ancient art form. The shift in the storytelling world has been ongoing since the beginning. Now storytelling has become an important part of every sector.

Every product, service and company has its own story. That story includes the vision behind its establishment and success. Here, your storytelling skills will become gems.

What is a sales presentation?

The sales presentation is nothing but the occasion for storytelling. You are selling something, which means you are telling the story of products or services to convince your targets. Corporate storytelling for sales includes structure, conflict, resolution, emotion, and surprises as well, just like other stories. These overall ingredients define the final dish of your sales presentation. 

Human brains are designed to capture emotions, characters, and journeys, not just factual data. So when you focus on listing products/services your organization provides instead of weaving them into a story, you will find your prospect/client paying heed to the cell phone or their watch instead of you.

What if you engage your prospect with something like this?

Sales rep- I understand that your company is keen to improve well your operations and maintenance.

The turnaround time improvement, is what you may like?

Client – Yeah… something like that.

Sales rep – Well, let me tell you, it’s not just you who is facing this problem. I remember very clearly how a company named ABC Inc. faced and solved a similar O&M issue. After changing their technology foundation, today, O&M is their top BSU.

Client – Oh really, what’s it that they changed? Tell me more…

Sales rep – Well, it began with the root cause analysis. We observed they needed to have a robust backend to support their seasonal needs. Our teams engaged with their each other and implemented the solution, have helped more than 10 O&M companies leading them to profitability. Below are just 3 products of ours, which have enabled them.If you are looking for bracelet. There’s something to suit every look, from body-hugging to structured, from cuffs to chain chain bracelet and cuffs. 

Goals and Objectives of sales-oriented storytelling – Why did the salesman do differently?

  • Transform data, figures, and stats into understandable analogies.
  • To improve brand recall, turn your sales pitch into anecdotes.
  • Create a connection with the listener by using interactive storytelling.
  • Get the potential customer’s immediate attention and cooperation.
  • Transform your sales pitch into anecdotes to enhance brand recall

How to prepare for effective corporate storytelling for sales?

  • Understand Needs

When preparing for a presentation or sales meeting, look for how your products satisfy clients’ needs. The client’s requirements provide more clarity in developing stories. 

  • Understand Hook Point

As you understand the requirements, you can easily understand what to and how to put on the table. 

  • Resolution base

Your sell story should have a resolution. The other person should know what they get if they join hands with you.

  • Body language

The most important thing while narrating your story is your body language. Be confident about your story and roam around uniquely delivering the sales story. 

Here are simple DOs and DON’Ts in sales-oriented storytelling

Always narrate stories that really took place in your organizationNever say that – “Let me tell you a story” before narrating a story (contrary to popular belief)
Always use an occasional ‘pause’; while narrating your story. Pause has various advantagesNever cook any fictional stories that happened in your organization. If want to use a fictional story, let the listener know about.
Always have a story bank of your company business stories ready. Be ready to shoot the RIGHT one at the right objection or situationNever usually exceed your story for more than 2 minutes. Narrators usually lose track of time, while narrating a story, if it is not rehearsed
Always practice a new story orally at least 5-10 times, before narrating for the first timeNever narrate a story, when the client is not in the right mood/ angry. It is because the client just wants to be heard out.

Corporate storytelling for sales is a simple and important aspect of the corporate world. You just need to understand the basic core of corporate storytelling. To boom your company’s sales focusing on corporate storytelling matters a lot. To understand more about corporate storytelling for sales, contact details are mentioned below. 

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