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Who is a professional storyteller?

Business Storytelling Coach and Consultant

Who is a professional storyteller?

Let us understand who is a professional storyteller in the first place.

Professional storytellers in the purist form are the below examples:

E.g. – Authors: Writers who create novels, short stories, non-fiction books, and other written works are professional storytellers. They share their stories with readers through published books and articles.

E.g. – Journalists: Journalists report on real-life events and issues, but they do so by telling stories through news articles, documentaries, and investigative reports in storytelling format

E.g. – Movie makers and Screenwriters: Professionals who write scripts and direct for movies, television shows, and other visual media are also storytellers. They craft fictional narratives that are brought to life through actors, and other creative professionals.

E.g. – Digital Content Creators: In the age of the internet, many individuals create online content as professional storytellers. This includes YouTubers, podcasters, bloggers, and social media influencers who use various media to tell stories and engage their audience.If you are in the market for clothes, our platform is your best choice! The largest shopping mall!

E.g. – Oral Storytellers: These individuals use spoken words to convey stories. They may perform at events, festivals, schools, or theatres, captivating their audience with their narrative skills.

Similarly, there are many such examples of professional storytellers as below!

Professional Storytellers in business parlance:

Anyone who uses the power of storytelling in his/her respective profession is also a storyteller. 

Below are examples in the business scenarios:

E.g. – Marketing head: This one of a company uses storytelling in the company website, social media handles, etc. to promote the company brand 

E.g. – Content writer: This one uses storytelling in his/her articles to keep the readers engaged and touch their souls 

E.g. – Good leader:   A good leader is always a good storyteller, who uses the power of storytelling to inspire his team members and get the best out of them

E.g. – Storytelling Coaches and Consultants: Some professionals specialise in teaching others how to tell compelling stories in corporates

Why is Professional Storyteller important in today’s world?

Think of professional storytellers as contemporary magicians, wielding the wand of words to conjure images, emotions, and ideas.

In a world swamped with tweets, posts, and notifications, they are a rare breed of wizards who wield this ancient art of storytelling to captivate, educate, and mesmerise

They aren’t just storytellers; they are time travellers, guiding us through epochs and dimensions, allowing us to see through the eyes of heroes and villains, kings and paupers.

Why a Professional Storyteller in crucial in corporate scenario? 

The realms of professional storytelling aren’t confined to campfires and cosy corners. They’ve infiltrated boardrooms and meeting halls, transforming brands into sagas. These storytellers collaborate with corporations to imbue their narratives with soul, turning logos into legends and slogans into anthems. They coach and convert the employees of any organisation to master storytellers 


One can learn from these various professional storytellers to become one among them. 

Deepesh Chandran is a professional oral storyteller and writer in Pune, who performs oral storytelling on his own written fictional stories since 2015.

Deepesh is also a Business Storytelling Coach and Consultant to various organisations across fintech, manufacturing, IT, etc.  

He coaches the employees of the organisation on sales storytelling, leadership storytelling, HR storytelling, data storytelling and much more

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