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Business Storytelling

Nobody ever forgets a GOOD story! Hence good storytelling can help one to easily understand the vision, mission and goal of the business. It also helps you sell your product even better. It also helps in increasing team building and rapport. Our workshops help your employee make a better storyteller and equip them with correct stories


Storytelling of Colleges

Effective communication is one of the most crucial needs for college students, particularly MBA students. Communication is more than command over the language. Good storytellers are the best communicators, devoid of their language used. The future will hold better opportunities with better storytelling. Our workshops help students to articulate their thoughts into spoken words, train well for interviews, and make them equipped for the tough corporate life.


Keynote Speaker

Employees of every company need to interact and learn from a 3rd party subject matter expert - a Keynote Speaker, who will provide them with knowledge which they were not aware of earlier. Keynote speakers usually provide a talk in the regular top management meetings, town hall meetings, annual events and special celebrated calendar days. Our offerings include customized talks based on the company's need for any particular theme.


About Me

Deepesh Chandran is a  professional performance storyteller, TEDx speaker, corporate trainer in business storytelling.

Having 12 years of experience in IT sales, Deepesh has been conducting his performance storytelling shows since 2015.

In business storytelling, he has conducted corporate workshops for clients across Fintech, Manufacturing, Media and IT companies.

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Why Story Telling Is Important?

Once upon a time, in a far-off land, there was a wise old man who lived atop a mountain. The villagers would often climb the steep path to seek his advice. One day, a young man approached the wise old man and asked how he could make his words more memorable. The wise old man replied, “Use stories to connect with your audience. Stories create a personal connection and resonate deeply within us. They can inspire, teach, and influence in ways that facts and figures cannot.” From that day on, the young man became a master storyteller, inspiring and empowering his audience with every tale


Benefits of Business Storytelling

Increase in sales by telling better stories about your product

Increase in team productivity by convincing your team to work towards a certain goal

Recruiting the perfect candidate, by effectively portraying the right picture of your company

Reduction in employee to employee friction by enabling seamless communication

Improvement in client requirement understanding by understanding the client's emotional aspect better

Making your emails and conversation shorted and crisper, so that the receivers can easily understand and have high recall of the message