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Storytelling for Colleges

Storytelling for Colleges

While Storytelling, Deepesh could crack the code of effective communication. And there is no doubt that storytelling can open new doors of opportunities with communication. That said, Deepesh has curated workshops that can help students articulate their thoughts into spoken words, train well for interviews, and equip them with tricks to handle tough corporate life.

Storytelling at colleges could consist of a personal experience, a myth, a historical event, or anything that relates to that day’s lesson. Short and interesting stories grab students’ attention. There could be instances in the story when they start relating to themselves. Stories in many ways touch the core of who we are and that thing that makes us human.

Deepesh says that effective communication is one of the most crucial aspects that lacks in college students today. They graduate with the degree they want, however, when it’s about communicating with people, they need that push that can help them stand out. Let’s clear this out, communication doesn’t mean that you know the language well, but it means that you use suitable words, tone, and articulation in a particular conversation or message.