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Importance of Storytelling in Brand Communication

Brand communication

Importance of Storytelling in Brand Communication

Brand communication, as the name itself suggests is the communication of the brand to its customer. The more efficient the communication, more loyal will be the customers to the brand, more stronger be the brand recall, more business will the brand generate.

The power of storytelling, like in every aspect of life and business, is highly crucial in brand communication too.

If all the aspects of storytelling are rightly used, it will help in delivering a highly appealing, genuine and highly recalled brand communication for its customers. 

The X factors for the right storytelling includes catering to the right emotions of your customers, transparency of the brand, its authenticity, right narrative with brand story arc, consistency of brand narrative, etc

Innovative techniques for Storytelling in Brand Communication

The earliest forms of brand communication in India were just the newspapers, hoardings and TV commercials. Post the internet boom in 2000 in India, it also became websites, social media, online ads, etc.

The latest however is immersive storytelling.

Here technology is to activate all the senses of the target customer and make it highly interactive. The usual forms are Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and even 360-Degree Videos. 

Let us understand it with a fictional example of Coke – 

VR – You put on VR headsets and enter a virtual world or metaverse created by Coca Cola. You can interact with other people virtually in this happy virtual world created by Coke. Thus in pursuit of enjoying that metaverse, the brand of Coke gets even more etched in the mind of the customer. 

AR – You enter a general store with a Coke section, which has their Coke game counter. You can use your mobile app to spot the virtual coke hidden throughout the huge store. Using simple AR gaming strategy, customer will always recall Coke

360-Degree Videos – There is Coke video on Youtube featuring African kids drinking Coca Cola, with lions around them. Here you can change the camera angle of the video and focus on whichever object or person in that video, in whichever angle. Thus the viewer gets the privilege of using his camera view and even focus on whomever the viewer wants. 

But the most important aspect is that in the VR world of Coke, if the touchpoints, characters and entire storytelling is poor, it will fail big time

Similarly, for AR, the aesthetics of the game, the thrill provided to the audience and overall storytelling will be deciding factor for its failure or success

Same applies for the 360-degree video, where the storytelling for the kids with coke and lions is presented in a boring manner, it will all fall flat, irrespective of the technology marvel of 360 degree video

Future trends like Apple vision pro

The future gets even more interesting with inventions like Apple vision pro

In words of Apple’s Tim Cook – Like how Mac introduced us to Laptop computing, IPhone introduced us to mobile computing, apple vision pro will introduce us to spatial computing 

So using just your eye and hand gestures, you can operate your computer/mobile. It is not VR, it is AR.

So you select an app, not by using your finger on mobiles, but by using your eye. Totally nearing the manner how Superhero Iron Man operates Jarvis!

As of 2023 it is very costly, but in few years it will come highly affordable 


Technology inventions will always grow exponentially, however any brand communication or any immersive storytelling is totally useless without right storytelling.

Storytelling was, is and will remain the soul for any brand communication. 

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