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What is not taught in College/Universities? (MBA)

What is not taught in College/Universities? (MBA)

An old adage ‘Experience is your best teacher’

Learning experiences outside the classroom are forms of experiential learning which works on simple realistic principles. 

These practical experiences, which are learnt outside the classroom, are active processes wherein an individual encounters real picture and face factual issues, construct novel hypotheses and learn to interact with others to make sense of the world around them. 

When we do this, we encounter the world as a whole and are forced to engage multiple modalities, no matter which pair of disciplinary “lenses” we intended to wear.

Corporate work-culture is one of such world which is not taught in Universities and is absolutely different. 

What is corporate work-culture?

Corporate culture is the collection of values, ethic, beliefs and attitudes that characterize an organization. It includes the organization’s physical environment, HR management practices and staff work habits which reflects on elements like process, hierarchy, collaboration and community involvement.

Many of us are full of dreams when we step out of the four walls of the classroom and take up our first job in a corporate. Even though it’s great to finally start earning and ‘be on your own’; corporate life is nothing like we imagine it to be.

It takes time to comprehend and digest why people function so differently in the corporate world. 

You are generally left to figure everything out on your own, the tough way.

Let us understand some challenges faced and their solutions through storytelling sessions:
You will be blamed for something that’s not your fault. Blame factor.How can you avoid? Don’t get bogged down. Try to document (on email) everything you do.If you are in the wrong, simply apologise and rectify the situation.

Other colleagues surpass you in your job, even if you don’t feel like they deserve it.
How can you land yourself that promotion?Attend staff meetings and contribute to the subject at the table, Increase copious and comprehensive awareness of the tasks done by yoube passionate about what you do
You spend too much valuable working time sending emails How can you organise yourself?Work out a system that will optimise the time that you have, Install a bulk email program to your computer and then send to everyone with one swift click. Keep your desk and workspace organised at all times so that you’re not fumbling around trying to find things.
You will always be made to feel like the company doesn’t need you, Your bosses will make you feel like you’re replaceableThe solution? Perform and show that you’re worthy of the position you have, and that you are perfectly capable of doing it too, by following timelines. Be proactive and ask for extra responsibilities to be indispensible; but as per your capacity and by not getting overloadedThis may even land you a promotion!

E.g.: Your dedication, hard work, ethics etc. will be rewarded when you ensure that you maintain visibility. The person who “works” long hours, talks without having anything to say has less chances to project his performance; whereas a person who can project his task in an elaborative way, has higher chances of being promoted.

‘One has to always sit next to the smartest guy.’

Humans have a tendency to observe others and subconsciously start behaving like them. To get positively influenced and have an impact for a better ‘You’ it is indeed necessary to be around or with the smartest person. By observing the way he reacts to various situations in a bold and confident way, the way he speaks on calls, answers his emails and even his body language can bring about the necessary changes which you may be lacking and can develop. 

Best policy to follow in corporate work-culture:
  • Plus: Develop yourself by following the mentor who is your role model.
  • Equal: who can challenge you and bring out your potential.
  • Minus: Away from peers and people who obstruct you from solidifying your learning.

E.g.: MBA student -Sukhmini was recruited through campus recruitment in one of the reputed corporate company. She observed that corporate culture was absolutely different than her theories taught in the classroom. Initially she was taken aback with the corporate culture; gradually got moulded in the culture through corporate training sessions with storytelling. 

It’s just that, not all office environments are like this, but in the corporate offices it’s likely that you will face at least one of these problems at some point in your working years. Unfortunately, the solution is to either mould yourself and move forward in your job, or look for something new. Don’t let the corporate world ruin who you are. Play the game to win it!

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