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The art of storytelling

The art of storytelling

The art of storytelling: an effective way for students to communicate

Communication is the most targeted area for college students, particularly MBA students. The whole academic syllabus roams around the aim of carving hidden gems among all students. 

The concept of communication is vast. Communication is more than command over the language, including reflective behavior in student and corporate life. It’s important to consider the influence result when delivering your expertise. Communication is like telling a story, which begins with an intention and ends with a conclusion. The future will hold better opportunities with better storytelling.

You understand what I want to say. Is that communication?


Indirect storytelling occurs when you converse with people, interview them, or deliver presentations. Assume you’ve been assigned a project on any subject or topic. You begin your research, create a PowerPoint presentation, and present yourself with all your knowledge and understanding. Indirectly you tell a story you have made and communicate through it to get grades. 

Facts, feelings, assurance, conclusions, and your apparent visionary approach make a compelling message. All well-known brands use the same framework to generate revenue, maintain a clientele and sell out an increasing number of projects. Marketing firms are completely reliant on the new style of storytelling. Famous people worldwide, like Shahrukh Khan and Steve Job, are better known for their effective communication skills. They are masters of storytelling. They understand the significance of communication and how their communication abilities have benefited them.

The goal of the interview process, presentations, and any other competitions held at the college are to improve students’ communication skills. During placement, companies conduct candidate interviews to assess students’ technical, personal, and professional abilities. They are also interested in students’ effective communication skills and how they tell their stories.

Once Ayush and Vishal appear for an interview. Ayush is knowledgeable, yet he is under-confident in sharing his expertise. On the other hand, Vishal has mastery of communication and confidence in his limited knowledge. Vishal’s manner of communicating his knowledge throughout the interview created a better impression and got him selected. At the same time, Ayush receives a suggestion to improve his verbal communication skill.

“Tell me more about yourselves” it’s not only an interview question. It is an opportunity to tell your story. The more confident and effective your story or communication narration, the more the chance of being chosen among the folks.

What does effective storytelling offer you?

  1. Exposure 

Everyone begins to admire you when you have outstanding communication skills. In college or at work, higher-ups always look for people who stand out from the crowd. 

  1. High Grading

Impressive communication skills can enchant anyone. Effective communication skills indicate a person’s additional ability—that added value to your grading after a promotion or exam.

  1. Better Package

The best desirable package is offered to you based on how you approach the interview and how impactful your communication skills are.

  1. Growth Opportunity

The mode of communication allows for the expression of numerous ideas and points of view. That opens up a lot of career-related doors.

Overall, how effective is your communication skills, how you develop them matter a lot. Once you understand the basics of communicating with others, you will understand the core of storytelling. To understand deeply about effective storytelling, contact on mentioned details. 

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