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Two hours Crash Course on Business Storytelling

Two hours Crash Course on Business Storytelling

The best way for any organization to improve its performance and increase its retention is by offering professional development opportunities to its employees. The more the employees are motivated, the more it adds to the company’s productivity. 

‘You don’t build a Business. You build People, and then People build the Business.’

Interactive session for acquiring knowledge in short period is something everybody is looking for in today’s busy life. Or it may be just a short course or session arranged by the HR or an organisation to take the employees away from the day to day routine rut for doing something more creative or recreational. 

What is Crash Course or short course knowledge provided by Keynote Speaker?

Crash Course is usually very fast-paced and tightly knit to facilitate imparting maximum knowledge in minimum time-frame. Because of the pace in today’s technology there has been a surge in number of crash course. 

There is a perpetual need for people to gain more knowledge to upgrade themselves in their professional and personal life. There is no time to learn any topic conceptually as it takes a big chunk of valuable time.

Hence Crash course or short course is the best approach to conduct clarity and knowledge acquisition, in short period, to the participants. The main feature of crash course is that it is extremely subject matter specific. It is an in-house learning to inculcate merits and to get the best from the employees who play a major role in company’s success. 

Two hours short / crash courses by storytelling Keynote Speakeer:

Why Storytelling is Important in Business?
  • Stories Engage and Create Human Connection
  • They Are More Memorable Than Numbers.
  • Emotionally Connect People to Create Loyalty.
  • Increased Profitability.
  • Storytelling Offers a Competitive Advantage.
‘Storytelling forges connections among people, and between people and ideas.’

The keynote speaker is invited create the required and beneficial impact on its audience, through inspirational and narrative storytelling. They help to evaluate the skill-sets, mind-sets and overall performance of the participants. They guide the participants to exemplify the company values or to become the best endorsers of company name.

Some of the Crash Course topics and its benefits related to storytelling by keynote speaker:

TopicsBenefits of storytelling

Work-Life Balance:
To achieve satisfaction level in personal and professional life.Time management 
Priority to Health 
Emotional Intelligence: To gain the ability to identify, access and control, one’s own emotions and the emotions of others Builds consensus to move forward in a common direction 
Team building & Collaboration
Improves the performance of every individual of the team
Develops each team members’ potential
Reinforces inter-relations
Promotes team spirit
Stress ManagementWith stories related to circumstances, the resources are able to work through situations in a way that’s stress free.
Presentation & Speaking Skills : Helps to develop effective presentation skills by communicating.Increases self-confidence 

During any session or workshop, some participants are visual learners who learn from, videos, diagrams or illustrations. Another set of participants are auditory, learning through lectures and discussions. There are also participants who are kinaesthetic learners and learn by practically doing, experiencing or feeling. 

Storytelling has aspects that work on all three types of participants. 

Visual learners appreciate the mental pictures storytelling evokes. Auditory learners focus on the words and the storyteller’s voice. Kinesthetic learners remember the emotional connections and feelings from the story.

The overall benefit of Crash Course by Keynote Storytelling is interactive, inspiring and less time consuming. From the above we can conclude that knowledge on specific topics can be cultivated through storytelling as the impact is immediate and long lasting. Short courses away from routine create recreation and value addition for the participant.

Interested in bringing about a change in your organisation? Contact us for crash course by unique keynote storyteller.

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