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Keynote Speaker on Mental Health

Keynote Speaker on Mental Health

What is meant by Mental Health in workplace?

Mental health in the workplace refers to employees’ psychological, emotional, and social well-being within a shared work environment. Employees with sound mental health have respect for themselves and others, build positive relationships with co-workers, and cope with the daily challenges and responsibilities involved in the workplace. It is increasingly being recognized that the mental health of employees is a crucial determinant in their overall health. 

When the demands placed on a person exceed their capacity and coping abilities, their mental health could be impacted. Inefficient processes, overly rigid work schedules and workload can make the employees feel stressed, overloaded and exhausted mentally and physically.

Adverse effects of mental health at workplace:

The ill-effects of mental wellness can create burn-out amongst employees, by seriously affecting their ability to contribute meaningfully in both their personal and professional lives.

Work-related stress is a major cause of occupational ill health, poor productivity and human error. This means increased sickness, absence, and poor performance in the organization errors as well as psychological effects such as anxiety and depression, loss of concentration and poor decision making.

Some of the factors that commonly cause work-related mental health issues include:

  • Long hours.
  • Heavy workload.
  • Changes within the organisation.
  • Tight deadlines.
  • Multi-tasking.
  • Job insecurity.
  • Lack of autonomy.
  • Bad and Divisive Manager

The organisations should have a proactive approach to mental health at workplace, which should include weeding out factors that create negative workplace environment.

Organisations can initiate sessions to cover the following:

  • Training in resilience techniques and coping strategies
  • Promoting mental health through agile working initiative
  • Specific interventions for identified stressors at the workplace
  • Addressing the prevention, identification and management of depression and anxiety at the workplace
  • Supporting individuals with mental health problems

Benefits through sessions and workshop:

Session Module


Encourages employee autonomy
Employees who have freedom feel more valued and are more likely to find meaning in their work. Purpose is essential for job satisfaction.   

Educates employees and managers on basic health practices
Workshops on problem-solving, prioritizing, goal-setting, and self-care to help employees make decisions that promote their mental health. The sessions can focus on various aspects of self-improvement, such as building mindfulness with positivity, emotional wellness and intelligence; self-love and handling change and adversity.

Open discussion in sessions about mental health 
The interactive session assists the employees to understand that the feelings of stress and anxiety are normal and that everyone has to go through these phases sometime in life.
Implementation of workplace wellness programsThe keynote speaker shares inspiring stories on leading a healthy and holistic lifestyle

Since the onset of the pandemic, it’s become clear that mental health is one of the biggest challenges faced today and maintaining a positive mind-set is crucial. Gaining an awareness of mental health issues is vital for learning how to look after the wellbeing of the people around us. 

E.g. Employees of a certain organization were quitting and it was difficult for the HR to retain them. She then decided to arrange a session by Keynote speaker on Stress Management and Resiliency. After the session the employees developed empathy for those facing mental health issues. The work culture changed and there was boost up in employees’ performance.

Impact of mental wellness sessions in the workplace:

  • Reduced symptoms of poor mental and physical health
  • Reduced sick leave usage, absences 
  • Increased productivity
  • Greater job satisfaction
  • Increased work engagement
  • Improved employee health and community wellbeing.

We can deduce that through compelling stories narrated by the Keynote Speaker a healthy and thriving company culture is rooted in the mental health of the employees. They are articulators who compensate the inevitable alienation and provide employees with a visceral connection to their workplace. A healthy mentality among individuals and the work community leads to a friendly, supportive, and vibrant work community and company culture. 

Contact us to help your workforce to reduce their stress levels, prevent burnout and live more resilient, personal and professional life.

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