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Corporate Storytelling Workshop 

Corporate Storytelling Workshop 

Corporate communication workshop: important but neglected business aspects

The world of Corporate is based on strategies and output. They have different resources working at various levels and skillsets, with a common goal revolving around client satisfaction and growth of the organization. Trainings and workshops are required at intervals to update them with the latest technologies, advanced skills and performance expectations. 

The best way to induce knowledge and accomplish the goal is through sessions and trainings of narrative storytelling. Effective communication provides additional value to those sessions. To make the corporate communication workshop more effective, the higher authority must also master the fundamentals of storytelling.

How and why is Storytelling workshop beneficial to business and corporates?

The contents of Corporate Stories are designed in a way that which are beneficial for everyone; whether it’s the head of a company addressing his/her global team or a blue-collar worker narrating his/her shop floor experience. Stories have the power to transfer knowledge through illustration which has a positive impact, immerse knowledge and inspiration targeted with delivery of facts, figures and complex data in a simplified way.

The following table lists the various organization position holders along with their corresponding responsibilities.

Business LeadersTechnical leadersSales & MarketingHR Head
Connect with clients’ requirementsEnsure technical and cultural disparity Create and target relevant audienceTalent Sourcing &  Acquisition
Inspire and engage with stakeholdersData StorytellingStrategy development & implementationTeam building exercises & activities
Strategize and execute Improve technical expertise Create an elevator pitch & attract potential customersNarrate organizational values/mission/ vision
Errorless deliveries to clientEnhance team productivityConvert leads into customer and Work-load & Self-care 

A typical story consists of a character, location, incident, conflict, and conclusion. An experienced storyteller connects his/her ideas with these aspects and adds the right emotions to attain a desired reaction. However, inspiring corporate communication workshops do not contain complex ideas and jargon. They consist of simple concepts, human emotions, their conflict, and a powerful message to accomplish the required goal. 

The corporate communication workshop is packed with stories and morals related to the field and the organization itself. The workshop, which consists of effective communication stories, creates an environment that stimulates the participants’ brains and allows them to improve their skill sets and capacities. We can conclude that Storytelling creates an interaction that develops into reaction of the participant with the end result as objective achieved by the workshop.

Now, let us understand how business storytelling workshop activities and exercises can be result oriented.

Business storytelling workshop provide training-led exercises, in which resources with expertise or professions in particular field are actively involved and indulged in interactive discussion on specific topics, on the basis of examples. It is an interesting and interactive method with a system of activities which are designed taking into consideration the requirements of organization. Storytelling workshop exercises and activities can be fun-filled and knowledgeable with clarity in the concept. 

(Examples for Storytelling workshop activities and exercises)

  • Storytelling workshop with pop-ups 

Storytelling with pop-ups illustrated on the white board helps the participants to actually grasp the clarity on the concept of objective-oriented stories. It enables them with the power to listen, understand and implement the objective in their day to day tasks.

Benefit: Clarity on vision and mission of organization

  • Team building exercises through storytelling

Well-constructed and compelling storytelling workshop helps to break the ice and create an atmosphere of camaraderie and also connection between various teams. In the business world there is constant interaction between various departments and functions; hence it is essential to utilize team building strategies through mutual respect, trust and understanding between resources for better output.

Benefit: Strong team building

(Conversation between a senior team leader and resource during a break)

Senior Team Leader: “Hey Rahul! I hope our team has learnt and have understood the funda of team-oriented benefits, from this workshop.

Rahul: “Yes Sir. In fact, when the storyteller narrated the story of benefits of team work, I remembered an experience which I had in my previous organization. Our colleague’s father was hospitalized and he had to be on call to get continuous status of his father’s bypass surgery. He was not able to concentrate on his work neither did he have time to rush to the hospital. The entire team working with him on the project stayed overnight and supported him to complete a critical task for the client in given timelines.  

Hereby, we see that compelling stories create relevancy in the mind of the participants. 

Let us now analyze how we can derive the best results through storytelling workshop ideas:

Storytelling Workshop Ideas
Exchange of information with a positive Impact To create an impact which is beneficial for accomplishing the business focus and targets
Team OrientationTo foster by motivating collective efforts and establish a sustainable competitive edge
Corporate Image and ValuesTo induce success stories to motivate the resources to grow their focus toward corporate values


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