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Best Corporate Keynote Speakers

Best Corporate Keynote Speakers

Who is the best corporate or business keynote speaker?

The term “keynote” can be compared to a musician’s perfect note to compose the perfect tune. Similarly, the keynote speaker establishes the fundamental tone and tenor of the gathering that resonates through the event and is result oriented.

Key moments benefiting any event or occasion are captured and inseminated in the audience by a keynote speaker.

Why does the organization invite the keynote speaker?

The keynote speaker customizes and designs effective ways to engage and integrate the employees of an organization into the organization’s strategy process and motivation. 

Keynote speeches inspire transformative change in the event by adding themes and making the content of the event or conference a knowledgeable and harmonious experience.

What are the benefits of the corporate guest speaker?

• To encapsulate the event’s theme.

• To assist the participants to connect themselves to the organization’s overall vision, mission, and goals.

• To inspire the participants to increase their productivity with the feeling of connectivity and being liable for their output.

Various aspects of Keynote Speaker Storytelling: 

  • Compliment the Event’s Theme

The company and HR organize events with formal and knowledgeable themes like, Future of work, Financial Planning, Corporate culture, Leadership Transition, Work-Life balance etc. Many informal events with interesting themes like Gandhi Jayanti, Woman’s Day, Reading day, Green Day, Environment day etc. are also enjoyed and appreciated by the employees.

The Keynote Speaker supplies insight relevant to the themes of the conference. 

E.g.1.: After the session on Financial Planning, the participants got the clear guidelines and foresight to manage their finance for a secured future.

E.g.2: After attending the session of Environmental Day, the employees became aware of the hazardous impacts of global warming. They also understood the measures to reduce the impact and maintain environmental sustainability for the future generations. 

  • Promote Inter-Department Connection

In most companies, various departments work toward a singular goal. These departments are typically in silos; hence there is little or no interaction outside e-mail or chat systems. The speaker creates synergy between the teams and departments to connect and perform in sync.

 (For E.g.: After the storytelling workshop on Team Bonding, the employees at all levels and designations, understood the magnitude of connectivity and binding for collaborated efforts towards achievement of goal and productivity and also a sense of belonging.)

  • Strategy facilitation and foresight

Corporate keynote speakers have expertise in facilitating practical strategic thinking amongst the participants. They advocate utilizing the latest techniques to help generate powerful insights and high-value action plans to assist organizations in succeeding in a rapidly-changing world. 

For instance, new strategies were made during the Pandemic of COVID. In a virtual event, the keynote speaker projected a story about an organization that, through its remote working strategies, could maintain the productivity and profitability of the business.

The Uniqueness of Keynote speaker with Storytelling:

Keynote Speakers conduct the event with topics like leadership, team orientation, motivation etc., with long speeches. Best Keynote Speakers are unique and incorporate Storytelling on various topics. The gist is to create an effective and long-lasting impact on the audience. 

A compelling and interesting story captivates the audience’s attention and interest, keeps them connected and engaged and shares valuable insight that influences their lives. It is this unique style of Storytelling which brings life to a keynote speech.


Give your event an innovative edge by inviting us as keynote speakers with a unique perspective of Storytelling to enhance the theme of the event. Through our expertise in Storytelling, the participants achieve not only a sense of ownership but also solid and valuable insights, which dramatically increase their work potential.

Contact us on hello@deepeshchandran.com or call +919970838025 and we can customize the precise stories that befits your requirements.

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